Sunday, April 13, 2003

hi! how's ur day? ok how's my new design? crappy? not up to date? any comments u can put at the guestbook section ada quik msg kat situ kaan, just put it there ok. teringin nak buat flash page, tapi kena tunggu masa yang sesuai dulu, nanti jadi keje cincai tak best la kan?

ok updated [art] dengan [link]. just two sketches i put at forum. maybe two more sketches will be ready soon.

today lets call it "Bertapa di Asphalt plant". spent the whole day there, got so much detail i don't know where to start describing it in my report. thanks mr. lee 'kotak' [what a nickname..], coz he give me soo much info and tak kedekut ilmu punya olang, just like mr ong. cuma terkilan lost the chance to thank him today, ingatkan dia nak pegi lab, rupa2nya balik terus.. tired maybe?
- orang yang dihormati kerana ilmunya akan sentiasa dikenang, dan pahalanya takkan putus walau nyawa sudah tiada...

p/s - i'm planning to put a low res pics of my practical course here, nak susun mana yg cantik2 saja. ok see u later & haf a nice weekend :D
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