Monday, April 14, 2003

have u ever be at a place u felt u're familliar with, and then u realized that u know nothing about this place, and moreover u can't find any face u are familliar with... cam tu la aku bila jejak kaki kat Kuantan, Pahang's ibu negeri. masa kecik2 dok situ, taking SPM kat situ gak, but after years at the north, ingatkan rasa best la dapat balik ke tempat asal, tapi takde pape pun.. well temerloh gak yang best! dunno why, dont ask ..

no update today, trying to solve problems at fortunecity's server. should i move to another host again? well dah 6 kali pindah server nih, anybody knows a free web site that support FTP msg me ok? mmm well got to sleep, tomorrow gonna be a tuff day at work. for all who scared to check their results, mm takpe, fear is just a feeling, korang cek la kat skul nanti ok? takyah penin2 pale cek kat internet ni. adios..
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