Sunday, February 23, 2014

A little artistic journey..

I got an advice, that I need coaching. Maybe I have learn a lot during my self learning way, but somehow I need someone to guide and give direction.

Or at least give some motivation to go on..

Met a great Sifu, just nearby my office.

So here's the first session.. Elements of Art..

And this is my second session.. Observation and Mapping Technique..

"Observe a corner of what you see here"

 "Observe and draw, using any simplify technique" The bottom of this bottle is kinda tricky, got special point of mapping the reflections of the bottle.. ^__^

"Observe the Sardin Cap Ayam and draw using one continuous contour line" Kinda tricky, and went overboard for the details and text design, rather than focusing on the values. Oh well, try that again later lah..

Sifu advised I should start my own sketchbook. Ok, I did, but I didn't feel its a good time to bring it yet, maybe next session I'll bring them and ready for a real critic session....

That's all for now. Thanks for reading.

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