Sunday, March 19, 2006

We come from the same situation

sedang naik trak dengan viktor,arkitek engineer dari manila,kami borak pasal keje sebelum mai sini.

"u know,i come from a troubled project,i mean financially.i get a hard time even to buy cement for just plastering 1 wall" kata aku

"really,me too, my boss really want to kick me becoz i'm accused for making the project no profit,so i just went here without event acknowledging him,just runaway like that"kata vic

jadi kami sekapal datang dari kapal2 yang akan karam..

"u see.. all of us is from trobled situation,i hope some good things happen when all trouble persons is put in one place.."kata vic lagi

aku pun diam.. dan cuma mampu berharap...
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