Saturday, February 12, 2005

Get Online.. !

What is the most inspirational piece of advice you could give to a budding artist who sees you as a true success story, especially for working in gaming, Manga, or traditional comic-book industries?

Practice, practice, practice! I've been drawing and refining my style since I was five or six years old, and I'm still not perfectly happy with it. That drives me to improve myself through constant practice. This is my pragmatic advice to the budding artist. Also, study to be an artist and not just a comic-book or anime artist. The fundamental skills one learns in art classes will transfer into your work in the various popular industries like comics and video games. The work of the masters is far more valuable than any “How to Draw Manga” book ever will be. I refer constantly to the works of John Singer Sargent, Vermeer, and Georges De La Tour when I'm creating covers for comic-book and video game packaging. My second piece of advice is to get your work on the Internet. It seems pretty obvious but I don't know how many people I've met at cons who aspire to be working artists who don't have a site on the Web! I’m kind of stunned when I hear this. Honestly, it's the cheapest way to advertise in history. For $10 or less per year, you can secure a domain and build a full-color gallery site to showcase your work to millions of—scratch that—billions of people. And some of those people just might approach you with work; that's exactly how I got my first professional job in the U.S. Now, get pencilling and good luck!

Dipetik dari temuramah Jo Chen di Jive Magazine sempena penglibatannya dalam game Fables untuk X-Box. Klik sini untuk interviu penuh

aah.. Jo Chen.. u r alwez my inspiration...

Disebabkan aku tengah boring, aku dapat beberapa link artist yg selama ni dapat tengok artwerk di kedai je, akhirnya dapat gak web personalnya...
-Mark Brooks
-Hyung Tae Kim

Aku rasa kena upload balik links page aku dari web lama dulu. kalau tak untuk pembaca, untuk aku sendiri, kekadang google dan yahoo tak dapat cari balik apa yang kite dapat secara 'tak sengaja' ni.
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