Thursday, October 14, 2004

West, East & Local

Me: Hello, Mr. Richard please?
MR: Yes, It's Faisal from *** right?
Me: uh-huh, i would like to know my inquiry status, here the reference ***..
MR: ooh.. you ordered the special material, well, you know that this item you enquired requires some machining on it..
Me: (silence)
MR: asking for cladded cap and plate right? we got it here and since that material got better ductility than normal material we used, we also need the bla bla bla (technical explaination ...)
Me: uuh.. ok..
MR: so that's why we require some more consumables to use on the bla bla bla (more elaborations)..
Me: (interruption tone) ermm.. could you just fax it to me, i need to reconfirm it with our designer dept.
MR: oh yeah of course, I will fax immediately after this.
Me: thanx a lot sir!
MR: Welcome..

Me: Hello, Mr. Sun Yang please?
SY: Yes
Me: Did you received my enquiry dated **
SY: Yes
Me: So.. have you prepared the pricelist? (start wondering, I speak to a human being or.. what?)
SY: Yes
Me: Erm.. Can you fax it.. before lunch hour..? (really, I don't hear his breath!)
SY: Yes
Me: Ano.. ok.. thanx a lot Mr. Sun, have a nice day!
SY: Yes...

Me: Hello, Miss Amy please?
AM: Hello, yeah its Amy lah, Faisal kan?
Me: yup, so macamana itu enquiry? can or not?
AM: already fax yesterday laa, u check ka?
Me: oh really, not arrived la, refax can la?
AM: ok la u punya pasal i refax la, jangan hilang lagi aa ok?
Me: ok2 tenkiu banyak2 miss!
AM: welkam2..
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