Tuesday, October 12, 2004

New Allies.. New Challenges..

Juda (not the juda's priest, his nick only la) and Chai (not chinese, but just his nick) joined our company. finally i got some old friends from the USM working together here. hope things goes well to AMB tho. Juda will be coming next week and Chai is already undergo the training session. me? ok the new proposal if supposed to be covered by me, but since i'm 'undertraining', they won't risk a mistake on critical tender to a newcomer.. aah.. that's the sweet part of being under probation. i think i want it to last about years.. can i boss?

if you come across a mags called "Mato-Mato" please buy it. yeah i know the layout pretty sucks (thanx a lot cik lipan), moreover the front cover sucks too (i wonder who dunnit.. do u know?), but the artwerk inside there are pretty good, minus the layout. i really hope the graphic artist.. namely cik lipan.. stop experimenting your n00b photoshop skillz on our artworks. please realize that you suck, and by doing those gradient effect and sloppy striped background on the cartoons just making me want to flame you more.. oh it's near ramadhan.. i must send him a kad raya.. i've been flaming him in this blog for quite a time. oh well.. hope he soon find the light of guidance in his dark gloomy workstation. amin! (ok.. i'm not in position to criticize him, but just to show my feelings only lah, no hard feelings)

there are many l33tz artist around us, but more and more of them just waste their talent by doing non-artistic jobs. some even lost the touch after years of doing the same chores everyday. can't blame the investors, because of some artist who flunked their money, they are reluctant to invest in the comic/cartoon industry anymore. wonder when this scenario is going to change....
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