Saturday, October 30, 2004

Short Timeframe, Increased Workload

uh oh... it's been a while since i'm on the net. during this fasting month, the females at my office got to go back home early, about 4.30 pm from standard 5.30, wheareas the guys got usual balik time.

the main problem is.. the time working is reduced (who want to stay at the office during breaking fast aa?) about 6pm is already considered late, but then suddenly the workload coming is as twice as much before the fasting month. the boss said it is a rezki of the ramadhan.. but most take it as the dugaan of ramadhan..

ok it's nuzul qur'an day today. gotta go. nothing much to write this time (my creative juice has been evaporated due to overworking). selamat berbuka puasa n dont forget to pay the zakat fitrah..
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