Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Story from Kenduri

^Story 001^
finally got some time to play with maisarah, my brother's daughter (i should just write niece right?). that girl are soo cute yet soo sensitive, for the first 5 minutes, she just cried but yet stared at everybody, and the next 5 minutes, she continued to stare at me, ma n abah, and tok. well the next thing i know she's on my back laughing wildly as i try to catch some sleep before the kenduri.. aiya this kid.. naasib baik ko comel!

^Story 002^
first time on Johor Bahru, yet I got soo many deja vu. probably because when i'm small, my famili used to go here and singapore, back at that time people shop at s'pore cause the prices are cheap. well not now :)

^Story 003^
The kenduri was planned to be small. but then a VVIP decided to attend the nikah ceremony, the whole event had to revamp and then become bigger and more formal than before. talk about the effect of one person to the whole event...

^Story 004^
this kenduri is the gathering of our xtended familiy branch from Johor n Pahang. i didn't realize i had soo many relatives here, some of them know me, and some of them surprised to see me this big (well they remembered me as the smallest kid in the family..sigh). hope our ukhwah will last forever

^Story 005^
stay at Muar for a while. wah the durian here are sooo abundant that they sell it for RM10 a big basket. then again the prices of durian dropped like 2-3 years ago. got sleepy after eating soo much durian (thank god i didn't get the 'badan panas' after effect)

hmm that's all for now i think. got to go back to work...
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