Monday, June 14, 2004

Exam and Reunion?

last week, went to Kuantan for the PTD exam, didn't have a clue how's it gonna be (except from the website and the letter i got). so how is it? ok here's some tips for future candidates of PTD exam: READ n Count MANUALLY. Just read anything, wherever it is. I think reading the editorial's column can help much. they test the general out of any aspect of living. oh ye, for the math section, if u relied on your calculator to count the monthly payment of your car, better start doing it yourself or forget about the exam (well, not so harsh, but its kinda true).

i'm in no place to give some intensive tips of how to score in PTD exams, since my chances too pass this 1st level is too... slim. almost 1:50 (i put calculations of some variables, hehehe). just tawakkal and doa i pass this one

oh and i met a lot of old friends during this exam. some of them back from the years of Al-Wosto, not to forget Al-Ihsan and some matrix friends. haha felt like a surprise reunion going on there. some of them just escorting they friend or 'somebody', some came all the way from other states, oh.. and almost half of them are married. well we aren't kids anymore right.

that's it for now. good luck on those who are starting a new semester in a week or two. ilal liqa'..!
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