Sunday, June 27, 2004

M.C Week

M.C literally means medical check-up, but locally they intepret it as Mintak Cuti.

this week, gone through a severe health hazard (is this word correct?), starting with food poisoning, hi-body temp, 'wind in the body' (angin satu badan), gastrik (i dunno i have one :() and maybe other waiting in the list. they say being sick is a way to cleanse your past sins and make u realize the path u've taken so far.

me? wallahualam.. Allah's rahmat comes in various way, that even the wisest person can't see all of it. maybe i learn how good is to solah in perfect body condition compared to solah while having serious pain in the abdominal part.

doa for my recovery. till next time. ilal liqa'...
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