Thursday, June 17, 2004

Atok Konichiwa.. Aki Konichiwa.. Echu Konichiwa

huh? what was that? haha it's nothing. just suddenly remember my nephew Maisarah was sort of singing that japan song. well the japan part is only konichiwa, the other.. well not very japan yet. huh this little girl really hates me wearing my glasses, aiya, if i got a good pay after this i'll consider one laa.. just u wait..
(her pics in My ALbum>Family Values.. i've not yet uploaded her latest pic.. kinda bz lor)

ok back to reality..

one person had voiced his regret on how malay societies nowadays pretty weak and slow at voicing our voice. call it whatever, MPP, ABIM, PMI, GPMS or any other society that has M in it, they all have the same problem all over again... financial probs, the lack commitment of the higher members, afraid of political attacks and other combos of smaller problem that weaken their movement. the malay name has all bad things to it, like 'janji melayu', 'meeting melayu'.. oh yeah.. even the 'Insya-Allah' can't be used as promise, I still remember a person said to his friend... "takde insya-Allah2, kau buat keje sampai siap".. wha... one of God's word has been reduced to no value. for me it's a waste to bash that person to meatloaf (altho i got tempted to do it at that time.. huh), because the source of their perception is ourself. they'll not simply play with it if we don't play with that word first....

"Cermin cermin diri anda" as one famous Malay said..
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