Tuesday, June 01, 2004

It's a new month!

alhamdulillah got to live in full health in another month. hope i can do better in all things i've done in the past.

for the past month, issues all over the paper goes around our education system, from discipline to the higher education. this proves one thing, nowadays people fight for education, just waiting for the time they'd kill for be in the best schools. consider education as one of the most critical sector in our society, as it can shape our future, for better or worse.

what amazes me that this time pak lah decided to symphatize those ah so great 128 students into getting the courses they want. i know is kinda cruel, but getting perfect grades (i think perfect is a nonsense word, did he/she get 100% marks on all the subject? no errors at all? wow.. u r a robot ka? nobody's perfect) isn't the ticket to be a doctor. it takes hard work, patience, sacrifice and many other factor to be a good doc. and what if those people got the medic courses? will they enlighten the local health problems? what about cronic sickness? can they provide the on-time treatment on reasonable (affordable) to every layer of our society? or they only think of their very own bright future.. yeah.. become a doc, get a job, marry, have big house with lawns, and people greet you with 'doktor'?

no.. i'm not thinking on negative factor of these people. just reminding what cruel reality the world is. you cannot always get what you want, all you can do is try, work and tawakkal. whatever happen next is Allah's will, not us, humans who have very limited abiliy and yet so proud of it...

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