Sunday, May 30, 2004

A New Beginning?

woke up in the morning, after Subuh, just switch on my PC, just feeling to finish up some delayed work.. well... kinda slow.. ermm 5 minutes... 10 minutes.... damn! my secondary hard disk is kong (an automated word for a thing that is badly damaged). aargh, all my data since i have my PC is gone, all gone, not to mention my mp3 collection, graphic resources, sample paperworks.. etc..

althought i've backed up some of it, i still feel the loss. my winamp is gettin quieter everyday. and i'm feeling a bit lazy to install all those software back... and to realize some of them i already lost the CD...

maybe the lesson is, nothing lasts forever, even the things u can't imagine u lost it someday.

that's the lesson i learned last Friday morning. wallahualam...

p/s: seems like my cendolart artblog's has already passed 1k views.. thanx for all who spend sometime browsing thru those humble works. well for a newbie and no-fans artist, that's cool. hope i'll get better in the next thousand views... ganbatte ice!

status: doin some 1k thanx art.. ermm.. wonder what'll be?
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