Tuesday, December 02, 2003

ok .. arrived at my oh-so-beloved campus at last.. after nearly 11 hours of 3/4 stopping and waiting in 5++km queus drive. as so0n as i saw my bed, i quickly put the sheets and the next thing i know its already 10am .. thank god i got no class on Monday morning :D.

before that, i want to thank cimindai who brought us to her friend's kenduri kawin [malay wedding ceremony]. the go0d thing is the pengantin arrived nearly on time [they promised at 1.30, arrived about 1.45 despite of the traffic jam on the main road to the kenduri's house]. while it is not as grand as the dato2's kenduri, but many people from nearby village came.

and then came the most interesting event, while the arrival of the pengantin is always the main event, the 2nd main event is the silat demo. becoz mijan [the bridgeroom] is a silat practicioner and trainer for few gelanggangs in temerloh, their family invited mijan's perguruan, Silat Cimindai Putih and one guest demo from Silat Gayong Pusaka. i thought they were going to play the masal [formations and movements] but then that is just the intro. they played some silat pulut, tempur tangan kosong, kombat, tempur pisau [dagger], keris and simbat [one hand lenght stick].

most of the demonstrators are young boys from sekolah menengah, but they show some courage and spirits even the adults has lost it [to say they don't have it is... rude, no?]. no injuries this time, but some sand and stone were sand flying to the audience during the heat of the tempur :).

then i met with their trainer, Cikgu Hamid from Pusaka Gayong and Pak ngah from cimindai putih. both of them are friendly once u honored them and be polite to them. we talked about the silat scenario at temerloh and Pahang, which they are preparing for the grand tournament at jerantut this february. cikgu Hamid even gave me some contact nos. if i'm interested at continuing my silat lesson after my graduation.

after a short chat, i had to cut it end, since i had to rush back to penang. hope to see them again soon. and i look forward for this coming tournament, some nationals reps are going to participate in this one.

thanks a lot to cimindai and her junior, seri. go0d luck in your studies and may Allah bless you guys. :D.

ok here some snapshots of the demos [sorry.. i'm too excited meeting the trainers i forgot to take my own pics, oh ye and pak ngah's pics too.. dammit]

a pic of cikgu amid watching the demo

buka gelanggang by Gayong Pusaka rep

gerakan 21

a kombat-kuncian demo

buka gelanggang of Cimindai Putih rep, Cikgu Mizi

evasive maneaouver in tempur tangan kosong

quick lock and release in tempur tangan kosong
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