Saturday, November 29, 2003


alhamdulillah, finally managed to finish the simple 5 pages comic 'Cindai Hijau' for Umbra. just a simple comic about kids who involved in pencak silat. until it is published i'll post some previews at my page.

tomorrow is the time to go back. damn, my heart felt heavy everytime i got to go back to the campus. home, i don't have to think about assignments, classes, deadlines, meetings, final year projects and so on. but then if i stay here, i'll be alone. my friends, some had gone back earlier than me. some of them got to start work early, other has their new family commitment, and some has to gone back to their studies. so, no point of staying here i think.. parit buntar.. i'm coming back.

and to my friends, hope to see u in the future. kalo yg nak kawin tu, hebah-hebahkan la, nanti terjadi pape tak ke susah no? :)

/rant mode/

i personally think tv shows nowadays ARE PAtheThic. they tried to send a message to the audience but most of the time it failed miserberly. and speaking of censorship, it is getting more and more tahpape [ridiculus]. for example, they said partial nudity or overexposed women body parts are forbidden, but what about the shampoo ads, the breast enhancement ads? if it does't show that woman part, it told worldwide about matters which is spoken in private, especially in our eastern custom. the second example is, why bother showing that st0opid WWE shows? yeah, finally they don't use the term wrestling sport now, rather changed to entertainment sport. but what is that show is all about? 30% of it consists of ramblings, cursings, stupid chats between the WWE celebrities. the 70% is the fight. ok it is a choreographed fight, but it really2 stupid [more stupid if u really knew how that technique is done, and how it is only look spectacular but not devastating at all]. moreover the fights seldom, i mean really rare to had it finished fair and square. there always be some disturbance, the usage of forbidden weapons, etc.

it doesn't demonstrate a spirit that every martial or self defence sport should have; the respect for your opponent, to fight fair and square, to have some sort of discipline when in the ring. even the most dangerous martial art sport, the infamous Muay Thai has their own discipline when in ring. how pathethic is that?

ok enuff rant for now. i think it will be continued. stay tuned ....

an interesting argument of silat... click here
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