Thursday, October 16, 2003

ever experience mental block?

well it's not like my mind is blocked from thinking about finishing all my job. but it seems i lack of motivation of focusing to my work. oh well nothing seriuos.. really. maybe i'm just too lazy to go to the library to pay up my overdued bo0ks, :sigh:..

the exam fever is about to end. many had already gone back to their own kampung, leaving the cats to conquer the kafes and blocks. only a few left here, mostly from civil and material school. good luck for all.

one of the good news is, our loan is finally settled. many had gone back to their home happily, or go to penang to have a good time, me? just staying in my room fighting with these books. got to show something to my supervisor, at least some good progress. the inner me are very against the habit of 'copy paste' every article u find in the net into ur projects. yeah i've done it in some of my previuos assignments, and i'm not going to do that in my final project. mmm.. good luck to me then....

hmmm my plans for the loans? mmm nothing much.. 1st get a new scanner after the last one blew up, maybe an mp3 player, and then adidas silat suit, maybe PS2, upgrading my DDR RAM, a new monitor (LCD sucks), a new pair of jogging shoes,.. what about my savings? hehehe of course... my savings. i'll think about that later .. :)

ever think of drawing online? there are several BBS pages that have these oekakis.. or online doodles. here's one i got :)

hahaha.. just playing with the to0ls. it is more like u paint in the MSpaint. just go to and type online doodles or oekakis.

:.:About Alwan:.:

for 2 days.. we gladly announced it is sold out. if anyone ever wanted it, u can order thru me or directly to wanzu . he got some detail right there.

here some pics from wanzu's digicam. u can see all of em wearing spectacles. hehehe wo0t a coincedence! anyway hope to see some other net friends afterwards.

until next time. see u later. wassalam....
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