Wednesday, September 10, 2003

nothing much happened today. got a geomatic test tomorrow. need to finish my literature review... have to stay focus on that. it really easy to gut blurred once u are overwhelmed with infos from the net, journals, textbook and even last year's note. ok got to do the best tomorrow [mmmm maybe i should say in the afterno0n]. it's already 3++ am here. have a nice day and thanks for reading..

-Artakus website updated! if u happen to read Permata Aurora, Kota Arialun or Petua Azkram.. u might be familliar with Ahmad PAtria Abdullah, a local young fantasy writer. his writing styles are memorable, people still searching for his books althought it was published around 17 years ago .. [ i read it when i was in standard 2, thats a long time ago]. now abg pat is going to publish his 7th series of the Saga Artakusaid. hope this will ignite more fantasy writers among locals [i'm fed up with the local mushy-love story... come on..there's more in life than love..]. u can pre order it at the website. [this is not an ad :)]
-wanzu's site also updated. waaaahh very colorful indeed. he even got a space at [wonder how u do that wanzu?]. just wait for my next revamp.. heheheheh
-the closed silat olahraga tournament has heated up the training session. every session there is some sparring taking place. huh, seems everyone excited about it. train hard people, as i'm not holding back my skillz to0... [don't worry.. it's nothing compared to OngBak :)]
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