Monday, September 15, 2003

ALhamdulillah all praises to Allah Almighty..

Today we got a visit from Gelanggang UiTM ARau. about 40 students and escorted with their lecturers and their trainer, Cikgu Nordin from Perlis, a Gurulatih Tua of Gayong Malaysia. Althought we got a very tight schedule and budget, we managed to make simple luncheon for them. since they are late in their shcedule, we got a little time to know all of them well, just xchanging some phone no. and emails and took some photos together. one of the most valuable thing we got is to hear the story from a Gurulatih Tua, which he told us about the brief history of Gayong, Persilatan and many more, he even gave some spirit and advice for all anak gayong.

they look forward for our return visit to Arau, and their Advisor, Cik Fadhil even wanted to make a grand meeting for all of Gayong Malaysia of IPT hosted here in USM engineering campus. well maybe that is the job for our new comittee. look forward for it then..

here's the photo with Gayong Uitm Arau and Cikgu Nordin..

at night, a few people joined me for a silat olahraga drill training. nothing much happened there, except just exchanging few techniques together. well good luck this tuesday..!

oh yeah got to submit my literature review tomorrow morning. see u later and thanx for reading this grammer-broken blog..:)

"Permainan Gayong terdiri dari Dielak, Ditepis, Ditangkap, Dipegang, Dicekak.. kenapa ambil satu saja?".. Cikgu Nordin of Perlis. when he told us about the new Silats that are growing like mushro0ms today. well.. think and rethink about it.
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