Thursday, September 04, 2003

aaah... to0 tired today. oh whats that? oh yeah.. it's the MPP [majlis perwakilan pelajar] campaign season, for the next semester. i do think they really rushed on doing this. well, i'm in not in position to tell which person is go0d, which is pr0-government whatsoever. just some points to think about...

- i do think this campaign is for students, for the sake of students, and for the future of students, why must the outsiders took part wheter it is direct or indirectly to this campaign? what? they want to control the way mpp is goin? they even want to control what u r thinking and the way u think? well.. if it is for students, let them do by themselves. let them decide what's good for them. the upper people from upper levels should.. well, guide them, teach them but not control.
- ok, if a 2nd year candidate won, then he'll be 3rd year for the next term, but is he concerned about the problems his seniors faced? from my experience.. most of em only sensitive about their batchs' issues, or their juniors.. but seldom for seniors. they think the seniors are matured enough to solve anything themselves. well.. in that case, what the mpp is for? just taking photographs for programmes? just to enhance your resume? well.. not all of them are like that :)
- the overall students result are downgrading..noticeably the Bumis, what'll they do about it? even the discipline is almost -ve. so what? make another useless programme? bring the problem students to more motivation camps? make more 'blue colored' vids? come on.. u got the brain... think of something. there are sayings that the rotten of the community comes from a rotten leadresheeps.. [a bad english translation]. think man think....

i think thats all, not in mo0d to type about the silat ceremony i've just goin thru. it's exciting, but all this things goin on in campus makes me sick enuff to kill my mood to blog. oh well.. my conciousness is deteriorating..... tired of free sparring with Duwe and Nasih, thankx for the drill :). hope to have some go0d fight afterthis.. see u guys later..

p/s: the above criticism.. is just made by a very ignorant student, so don't take it seriuosly. since i'm tired of getting serious at things like that...waste of my preciuos time.. tada..!
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