Sunday, August 03, 2003

aah at last... its sunday. last night it was a stormy one, a perfect condition to sleep and rest peacefully, with the cold wind from the outside and the warm 'toto' [sort like a thick blanket], it feels so good to be back home..!

ok about the Kinta Selection..
like expected, from the 3 categories i joined, Tempur Putera, Jurus Wajib and Olahraga Klas E, only jurus wajib got thru the selection, the other two i was up against the SUPER team [SUPER stands for Sukan Perak, not that they have a supernatural powers, but they did have supernatural spirits of hardworking and teamwork..:)]. the tempur putera, i was pity for my partner, Ateng. he didn't get enough sleep for this event, and during the event, i can see his eyes blinking of forgetting his moves, so i personally stop my act before something really went wrong afterwards, anyway congrats and tq to ateng for his commitment and spirit throughout the training session. the olahraga teams, only limi got to finals thru preliminary, his opponent are way too strong, and so the others. Din nearly got a clean win from the poli team, while i got sweeped 4 times at before i going to play 'touch and go' with my opponent. most of the victors are from the super team, so nothing can be expected from us, except a very good fight and sport spirits. Try again USM team! hope next time we'll smack the Super team! hehehe

next week is another painfull week... we got to play jurus wajib representing Kinta and the day before that, we had to do some demonstration for this CONVEX [Convocation and Expo 03]. i dunno how it'll be, but i sure hope it doesn't kacau my academic stuff...well hope for the best!..
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