Wednesday, June 11, 2003

hope u guyz got a lot of fun today. today is the first class as a final year student. hmmm.. well.. got the sort of old feeling in my head. but when going to the geomatic class [a repeat paper, since i flunked this paper when i was in 2nd year], the feeling got stronger. the student environment here is different compared to my class, notably the way they seat. the front row until the 4th is empty, my favored spot [2nd cell from the front, the middle row], is among the nerds seat [they always seat in front, but not in this class]. macam makin jauh lak dengan lecture. i suppose they r afraid of Dr Wan's brilliance aura..? so much for my first class with the juniors.

tonight skipped the MAS session with the HEP. nothing interesting today. somehow managed to update the MPD website, but then again, a mental note.. when keeping the login and password for a site, always keep the host address too, since some require different address to access the site's remote directory. good going ujang! ganbate neh!

oh sorry about the web, gone haywire, maybe after all this ended.. i got time to simplify all this. wish me a good health when enduring all this challanges. may Allah bless you. amin...

quik Photoshop tips:
when editing a picture, whatever technique u r using, try to duplicate the layer you are working on and work on it. it is the safe approach since when u r editing a really bad picture, which require level/saturation/color balance editing, u may loose ur focus and change the real color accidently. ok thats all. happy picture editing ;)
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