Friday, June 13, 2003

at last.. got online after 2 days of disconnecting. u know.. the network card is the most pampered (manja sangat la) card ever installed to my pc. well i dunno about any other add-ons yet, but the NC card are really sensitive, be it on softwares or hardwares. it is common to hear pc's won't start after installing the card, driver gone berserk, got blue screen.. etc etc. so how did i managed to get online? so i tried many many ways but no it won't do. so i decided (with some advice from friends) to unplugged to card, uninstall the driver, and do the installing process all over again. tadaa.. now u r on the matrix again....

today is the senior-junior interaction of the MAS (minggu aluan siswa.. the one i'm so-oh busy about). well nothing's changed for years, juniors getting the signatures from seniors, juniors got some quest before getting the sings, they got it but they got to get 30 more. well imagine like u r playing an RPG game, finish quest u got some more quest, until the session ends. so u won't get really pressured when u think it just like a game.. right? hmm.. maybe works for gamers..

what i didn't like during this session.. well.. the uncontrollable factor.. the seniors. i don't mind if u r seniors, u want to hold a junior for the entire session, who cares.. what hurt the eyes is some 'oh-i'm senior-i-can do whatever i wanted' attitude. i know the 'couple'problems in usm is becoming serious [more serious after the pmi crisis.. or so they say], but please... do u need to sit alongside ur girlfriend during the session..wanna show off to other seniors? or just to promote 'couple lifestyle' in USM? or u think u can have a really romantic and memorable time orientating the juniors? the faci's are powerless [or looks like it] in this case. will it become worse in the future? Allah knows... and we can do something about it.

tomorrow is going to be the pembubaran of MPDJ 02/03. thanx for ur time.. have a nice day
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