Friday, May 16, 2003

tomorrow the officially last day of my practical at the MTD Construction Maran under the East-cOast Expressway project, which extends from Karak to the borders of Pahang-Terengganu. the stretch is about 140km, and separated to several pakages under 4 manager, which is, Lanchang, Temerloh, Maran and Gambang.

during 10 weeks there, i learn so much, ot only about engineering and technical knowledge, but also about etiquette, interaction, friendship, and life. this is only the tip of the iceberg. dunno what the future holds for me. still remember one engineer's saying to me "many people learn to be an engineer, but only a few end up as an engineer, the rest is becoming money maker.. so if you really want to be a money maker, stop your study and start a business rightaway, an engineer work is more than for money.. it is something, that u should look for urself...."
well.. maybe he right, maybe he is wrong.. maybe i cannot understand these words today, perhaps one day i will.

thanks for everything....
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