Thursday, May 22, 2003

mm.. just come back from KL. got a good time. tak sempat pun nak update blog sempena hari abis practical. felt like one heavy burden lifted from the head. tapi rasa cam ada something yg lagi berat menanti.. apa dia ek? kite tunggu bukak sem nanti..

dunno whats wrong with my PC. cannot install new games argh.. even if they can, i can only managed to play half of it. takkan nak format balik kot? don't have the winxp pro cd here.. left at the campus [good going mr. ice :P]. seems like a hardware problem, but i'm not sure about that. right now i'm redownloading the latest nvidia driver... hoping that it will somehow solve this problemo.

uh oh.. got to finish my submission for perghzine.. only 8 days left. good luck for me....

ummm ... no interesting sites .. aah wait.. just look at my friend's updated weblog. kinda cute >>HP Alluana
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