Friday, November 16, 2012

Zionist..fight them wth paper and pen...

This time they bombed the people there, and claimed for their own safety.
I think it's no use condemning them
Or curse them with whatever language you have

It's time to take action
Be it boycotting the company who proudly sponsoring Zionist Armed Force
Or make art about it
spread the news
spread the awareness
spread the understanding
Be it in illustrations, comics, songs, poems

In this time, we are at weakest state
we don't have khalifah to lead
nor we have access to weapons
Nevertheless, if we don't have guns or bombs
We still have pen and paper
and blogs and networks

Lets do something
Lets tribute as much art as we can
against the cruel Zionist
InsyaAllah the mujahidin will be victorious..
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