Friday, December 25, 2009

Professioanl Interview Report

Ini ialah contoh report kat IEM. Basically tiada fixed format. Sampel yang ada pun ada setebal buku telefon sampai la senipis assignment. Tapi yang pasti Civil Engineer kena ada Design of whateva.

>Part a - e itu memang wajib utk submit

>Part f itu aku copy yang Mech, Elec, n Chem punya. just in case kena tulis, dah ada format.

Report for Professional Interview

a) Front Page :-


· Title (cth:- Design Report for Professional Interview)

· By (Name, No BEM/IEM)

· Date

· Principal Interviewer Name

b) Certification Page:-

· Title

· By (Name,No BEM/IEM)

· Certify wordings, cth:- “I hereby certify that these design & drawings are works of the candidate in the ordinary cause of his employment” (kalau dia dalam consultantcy)

· Signed by mentor/supervising engineer (boss, sapa yang cop drawing)

c) Intro

· Project Briefing – Type, Area, Lot no., Cost, etc

d) Section 1 – Design

· Objective – design scope. Cth:- design of 3 storey building for school with __ classes + lab + canteen.

· Design criteria/additional info:- excerpt from promo or Archi or apa2 je la. Cth:- “The school building is designed to cater 100 students for studying in class and other activities comes with centralized AC system”

· Design Concept. System used in the project. Cth: - “This building uses conventional RC for slab and wall design, due to cost effectiveness. And also precast system is adopted for the superstructure for time saving. RC piles is used due to the soil bearing capacity is bla bla”

· Write also the cost comparison and other technical reason why the system is used.

· Code of Practice. BS or MS or other specs used

· Loading provisions

· Part of Design Calculation. Just put the most critical, no need to put the whole bundle. Attach hand calculation with computerized for comparison.

· Drawing. Min. 2 drawing Max. 4. Just put Main layout and important details.

e) Section 2 – Specification and Taking Off

· Spec. cth utk normal school building:- Concrete, Cement, Rebars, Aggregates, Testing, design Mix etc. Boleh refer JKR Spec ataupun Spec dari consultant.

· BQ – part only. Cth: Attach BQ for RC Beam, Column.

f) Work Experience format

· Academic Qualification

· Work Experience (Co. Name, Industry, Position, Date, Task)

· Seminars/Courses attended

· Projects undertaken – Project name/Design date/Const. Date/Completion Date

· Projects Detail – Name, Title, Criteria, Scope (design/supervision/mgmt)

· Project Cost

Apa-apa hal pun, kena refer mentor ataupun supervising Engineer cemana nak buat yang betul.

Selamat maju jaya.

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