Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Malaysian 24hr Comic Challenge 2006 - sudah terbit!

Akhirnya terbit jua komik yang ditunggu-tunggu. kompilasi dari artis yang menyertai cabaran komik 24 jam 2006. Detail boleh didapati di sini

Ini adalah remark dari Nat Gertler, pengasas acara ini :-

"Most comics you read are kind of like most recorded
music you hear – the songs that are carefully mixed in
a studio, with different professionals each brought in
to do their specialty as the song is recorded again
and again, processed carefully to achieve the maximum
feeling of perfection.

"What you'll find in this book, however, are live
recordings. When you take on the unlikely task of
creating 24 pages of comics (normally months of work)
in 24 straight hours, one doesn't have time for
perfection. You can't keep reworking and rethinking,
and you can't bring in other people to help get it
done. You pour art and words out on to one page, and
then you move on to the next.

"If this method means that occasionally a word gets
misspelled or a background is left up to the
imagination, that is a small price to pay. What is
gained is an energy and occasional surprising grace
that comes from working continuously.

"Some of these comics created during Malaysia's first
(and, thank goodness, not to be the last) 24 hour
comics event are lovely (when first saw Sarah Joan's
story, for example, I immediately wanted to
collaborate with her), and all of them are filled with
passion. If you're going to spend 24 straight hours
doing work of your choose, you're going to choose
something you care about, whether it's superheroes or
megacorporations; the nature of happiness or giant
robots; swordplay or silliness.

"Enough from me. Turn the page, and witness the
Malaysian passion for yourself!

--Nat Gertler
Founder : 24 Hour Comics Day."

24hr Comic 2007 sudah pun dibuka untuk pendaftaran. Apa lagi... cepat daftar!
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