Sunday, September 12, 2004

Gapo nak tulih nih?

very tuff week... and expect even tuffer next week.. and week after that. wish i could stay as a freelancer as long as possible, but since the pay sux (here.. well maybe my scope of freelancing is still considered cheap.. sigh) i have to move on to another scope of career. hope i made the right choice then.

too many ramblings to type here, but since i gotten very busy last week, much has happened in, but few things happened in, and the other forums.. well i have limited time n space in my new place, i think i'll visit them sooner or later.

TV REviEWS (read:rants)
oh well.. if u watch the after 1030 slot at ntv7 on monday nights, u'll notice almost 2-3 hours slot were conquered by one prod house.. red dot something, if i remember it correctly they owns the 'skeches', 'girls club' and 'pillow talk'. well i don't care which company produce it.. but what makes me wanna puke is all those 'westerners wannabees' attitude by all those shows. pathethic, even the jokes aren't funny. well the 'girl club' seems to get my attention (thnx to the 3 cute amois), but seriously.. it just crap show. lame topics, not so update coverage (?), and some actors who perasan she/he is the most beautiful woman/man in whole world... or at least at that time slot..

ok i know i got another option; i can just turn the tv off right? but y'know i got the urge of writing about this since last tuesday.. hahaha.. ok enuf rambling.. time to sleep..

some cool links

- Dokaka Cool mouth(?) band!
- CG coloring! some step by step CG works.. worth reading!
- oh ye jgn lupa melawat blog hudasoid, ada review nasyid di situ [wah tak sangka cik huda jd reviewer album nasyid skang :)]
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