Thursday, July 08, 2004

an event at Balai Seni Lukis Negara, from 11 Jun to 11 July 2004
[should post this before the Mato-mato, oh well.. my mistake.. sorry]

warning: heavy images ahead, skip if u have a bad connection

actually i came to this event just to meet my friends and other pro and senior artists, then after watching darkiller draw some panels for the Comic-thon event, suddenly i felt the urge to draw.. and went to the registry to take part in the event. with the feeling of no chance of winning.. i continued to draw..

congrats to all the winners of the event, namely Alif, Gecko, Skynet, Invictus and Xan. and also the other 5 winners that i dunno their name.

here's some of the pics from event..

lepak before the event, we arrived early, ermm well, 10 am is considered early.. right?

from left, darkiller, me n tarakucha

here comes nurie (dark blue) and abon (on my right)

more people joined the table, from left; darkkiller, izam, nurie, me and kred. tarakucha got some 'business' and left early

an attempt to steal some ideas. those who draw on this table won! lucky table i guess..

yeah.. me and my masterpiece(s), the other one was done by madstone and tarakucha actually

it's judgement time... viewing others work, some of them are pro levels..

chat with kred.. he got an awesome collection of old comics!

discussing on what to do after this.. pizza anyone?

all the pergh members in one pics.. well there were more but some had left early

after that event we went to Ampang Park to have dinner at Pizza Hut, belanja dek madstone (mekasey banyak2!) since all of us were tired, no pics were taken there (ala macam korang tak penah p pizza hut?)

i had really great time then. got to know more people in the arts industry, gain some new techniques, skills and ideas, exposed to the reality of this industry (it ain't pretty, like there are pretty industries out there in the real world..). thanks to all and hope to see u guys again in the future

[note:taken from the forum post from various members' cameras, that explain why the sizes aren't uniformed (and also i'm kinda lazy to resize it :D]

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