Thursday, April 01, 2004

Gruesome fact of gengsterism in School
al fatihah for our belated brother.. Mohd Farid Ibrahim

may Allah put his Souls among the Mujahids.. amin..

now.. according to reports, there were 35 deaths of gengsterism cases in school. well, wanna wait till any Dato's son being killed, then there'll be a swift action against this case, if not, they'll bundled up all this case and make a statistics about it... and then, make conventions, meetings, talks..ummm wonder where's the action?

just like the Islamic Country dealing with the death of Hamas leader, now they are fighting for who's gonna be the host of the meeting.. gee i wonder what happen to the latest tech of video conferencing. y don't they just make a decision thru online? oh.. afraid those zionist know ur moves? like they are afraid of whatever moves u guys do. because they know, u (islamic leaders) can only talk, while they can act!.....Wallahualam....
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