Monday, January 19, 2004

FInally... submitted my final year Thesis to Dr. Azazi.. [hope that's the last time he reject it].. felt like a heavy burden is finally lifted from my brain.. aaaah... the day seems brighter and the sun seems shinier...

last week i've attended a couple of interviews, courtesy of MKK (Engineering Career Week), that is for LAtimer Corp and Kinta Kellas Corp. that was my very first job interview which is full of formality and it is in full english. the other interviews that i've taken wasn't that formal or 100% english. think i'm doing not bad there, just hoping to receive the job letter anytime in MArch.. looking forward to the world of career! [yeah.. i'm gonna miss the student life]

so here some tips of attending interviews from big shots company.. well it doesn't guarentee you the job, but at least u don't screw up in the interviewing room.. [oh yeah, this apply to engineering careers, but some may useful for other fields too]
1. dress code. u r becoming a pro engineer, so behave like one, for girls, it is not recommended to wear baju kurung since it makes u lo0k immobile, fragile and cannot do any heavy task [u r an engineer, what do u expect?]
2. bring all ur things, resume, important certs (preferably with connection of engineering), a calculator (emergency case) and pens. i think that's enough..
3. read. about the company's vision, all about the industry they involved. it will help u a lot, and it also shows u have the interest to be a part of the company (well, do u think they want to hire someone who got less interest in them?)
4. read. some technical knowledge do need revisions. it doesn't hurt to refresh ur memory about some things right?
5. read. u will be using formal/technical english, not chatting/forumming/sembang english. oh yeah, for those who got the slang, make sure they understand what are u talking about. language is about communication, they don't appreciate ur Aussie-American slang if u can't eloborate to them how to cast a beam...
6. Do all the interviewing codes; the greets, ur behaviour, establish eye contact.. etc etc [u can refer this to many i'viewing guides out there]. don't freak out if the interviewers provoking you, be calm and smile, this will weaken any provoking threats (well not all, but some).
7. answer the question in most simple, accurate, short, mature yet interesting. avoid using bombastic, lenghty, immature and inaccurate answer. remember that they are humans, and they know the meaning of tired, and they have other 20++ candidates to entertain
8. show interest toward the company, ref no.3. also it doesn't hurt to ask what are the company's current project, what is ur career potential in the company.. something that u can give to the company, rather than asking what u'll get.
6. Doa and solat. it doesn't hurt to doa and somehow it brings more confidence and spirit to face the interviewers. also tawakkal after u r done with it :)

about resume's:
1. make it simple, yet informative, clear and accurate [also interesting to read] as much as possible. u can find some sample in the net
2. to secure your resume, put the header/footer of ur resume the title of ur resume for XxX company e.g. "RESUME FOR UJANGCORP MARIKH LTD". it is just some precaution against some people who would abuse ur resume to cheat, modify or do something bad to it. remember that now, even ur personal info can be sold
3. ur resume should have the affinity towards working with the company (is my sentence right?). for example, u r applying to a constuction company, u should only put something that is interest to them e.g experience on cons site, a technical knowledge etc etc. avoid putting irrelevant things such as u had a pet fish for 3 years or u have a model car collection. etc etc. well some things can be twisted to make it interesting but.. plz put only important relevent things

ah i think that's it. thanx pak din for some points in the interviewing guide. he helped me much during the preparation of the interview [heck.. he even lend his tie to me]. hope this helps too, and find some info on interviewing in the net. some are much much more comprehensive than mine tho. if u got something to add.. don't hesitate to email or type in the guestbook or chatterbox, help is greatly appreciated..

till then.. wassalam...
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