Monday, December 08, 2003

finally got back my energy after resting for more than 10 hours and skipping 1 class [thank god dr zaid got some other things to do today]. last weekend was exciting. the ComixFiesta, the Gathering, meeting new friends, exchanging ideas and skills, oh and not to forget, meeting my anak sedara.. Sarah! ok i'll try to type this as simple and informative as possible.. here goes..

SAbtu [061203]

when i arrived at pudu, i was searching for a clue where is the ComixFiesta [CF] is. I search for some posters, but none avail, then I suddenly caught a glance at the Impiana Hotel notice board, written there "CF, at ballroom XxXx". that was my only clue where to the CF is. so there was i, tengok sana sini penuh dengan cosplayer, some of them are go0d, almost the real thing, some are just poyo, i can't accept that some of the cosplayer sparred in the crowd or do some mimic concert just to attract the visitors attention, well there r other better ways to do this.

then i came to the MAAO's booth, there i met with Zid, Eisu, Aimo and other guys. got my hands on their YonGumix and Tofu, since i came when the crowd is little, i got to chat with aimo, and even got some sigs on my Tofus and Yongumix. thanx a lot guys :D

after that, went to other bo0th. well to say it without any offence, i really dissappointed with other bo0th. most of them
are just selling their own lousy sketchbo0ks, fanarts and some bookmarks. well i have no grudge against fanart, i like them, but please dont destroy the beauty of the original arts by drawing the tracing art, some are straight from the comic book themselves. and whats more, they even spoil the art by drawing em in a very cincai way. ok people, plz, next time.. concentrate on the quality of art not the quantity. even tho u got ur table full of artwork, but if most of it were just crap, then keep the art to urself.

then i got to umbra's bo0th, well they only got the half of the booth, and selling the umbra #1-#4. what's interesting here, i met some of the umbra crews, hairi [owner of alwan] and the great mafia and invictus. we got to talk about many things.

to cut it short, at 5 pm i got something else to do, so i mintak diri and went to my bro's house. since he didn't came back home from raya this year, i thought it'll good for me to visit him, and to meet my new anaksedara, Maisarah :D

Ahad [071203]

Got up early in the morning, after breakfast immedietly packed my stuffs and drove to KLCC. met AtomicKit and then went to Kinokuniya to find some 'new material' [searching for worth to be references comics], there i met with nurie and ubder, the big man behind umbra. wow ubder are some guy with comics, his knowledge are waaaay over mine, and his favs mainly the adult genre or some with heavy concepts and topics.

then i met kip, after a long long time i finally met my old school friend. we exchanged stories and it seems like no end. not forgetting the main event, we went to the KLCC Park to find the pergh mini gathering spot...

[ RAya Mini Gath]
finally found their spot, near the KLCC mosque. there we were greeted by Agent and Pet, and there went the greeting
part, where i found it difficult to pronounce my own nick [yo.. my Name's Faisal..nick.. ICe,sol] hehehe, some of em
recognized me immedietly, [most of em had to stare at the sky for a moment to recall who the heck is ICeSOul]. some
interesting activities were..

- meeting all the forum's members... livE! seems like most of us were in the same range of age [except for Panah, Ubder, Nurie matrush and some other guys - sorry didn't recall ur names, these guys are the seniors who had experience waay to0 deep than any of us].
- the fo0ds are great! thanx for all who sponsored the drinks, the kuih raya and covered some of the burger cost.
- learned few things about art from all the guys, special thanx to thirtynine, who showed me how to do some stroke and sketch
- oh yeah.. selling my 1st zine ever.. CRYOGEN #1, its an honor to put 'em at the same table with Umbra, Alwan, KopiZine and Megi ITik
- viewing some works from the otai's, especially invictus. we were mesmerized at his artwork file..
- chatting and gaining some live comments of my art from the otai's.

at nearly 700pm, we got to say bai bai to them, and after solat, kip and me were discussing of some projek collaboration. maybe in the next year, we got to produce our team zine..dunno what to name it yet. we parted ways and [aTomicKit and i] drove back to penang.

got a great time at the gathering. thank u for all, and i hope one day we'll meet again. ilal liqa' and teruskan berkarya..!

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