Monday, October 20, 2003


like the usual weekends, wasted my time watching 5 dvds in a row, played [finished] Max PAyne 2 in a day, browsing the Forums till my name is the only updater of the post, and chat with whomever online. since the last day of exam, i didn't see any juniors online. think they all are now at hope happily enjoying the semester break. for the final years, some of them had to stay here for their project, and some can go home and sleep, depending on your project tho.

just a thought..
maybe what we all need is the courage .. to face our own weakness. for example, the courage the face my lazyness and my bad habits of delaying easier tasks becoz i think it is easy, i can do it quickly. most of the time, those easy looking tasks become hard, due to time limit. there are other weaknesses such as the fear of doing something good, the fear of forgiving and fear of being alone. if u can face these weaknesses and beat 'em, u are becoming stronger and stronger.. on the psychological side. hope i can face my fears too... maybe..

just a short note..
- finished Max Payne 2 in less than 24 hours.. maybe 12 hours. the gameplay is fun, but short.

- unable to do any sketches, my mind is not well concentrated due to the news that my project supervisor has gone to Pakistan for some sort of interview.. dammit.. gotta go through this without a guide...

- my parents had asked me when will i go back home. deep in my heart is hard to say i'm goin to stay here much longer, but rather than giving false hopes, let em know the truth..

- waiting for borrtagg to confirm my drawings for the upcoming perghzine. hope things goes well then.

- haa.. got my review on the lame card game.. etherlords 2. klik here to read it..

- the internet goin to be rather fast, due to lack of people goin online. its download fiesta bebeh!!

- My Fav writer, Dr. Othman Puteh, telah pulang ke rahmatullah di rumahnya di Sabah. thought this news isn't validated yet, but it sure left a hole in every local novel-lovers. al-fatihah
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