Sunday, June 01, 2003

its good to be home.. i mean at the campus.. well whatever..

didn't get to stay at my old room.. officially yet. trying to get to change my room. but i do think my new room will be better than my old one, in case of the heights and my target of being inactive this final year [okay maybe a little bit active, but not hyper active like past years.. it's time for me to think of my future.. or more specifically make my resume more worth of time to look at], that will be later.

today the campus loks very very calm... if i get to take the picture of it.. i might put it here. the blocks are all dark. no loud musics, no loud laughings, no sound of people playing stupid jokes.. and there's minimal sound of vehicles around here... very calm indeed.

tomorrow is the registration day for new students at USM Kampus Kejuruteraan. I will be posting at the Desasiswa Jaya as whatever the office needs, since i got no official position in whatsoever part of MAS [Minggu Aluan Siswa], just lend a helping hand. sometimes, a helping hand is more useful than positions in situations like this. althought i didn't apply for the PPMS [the student greeting comitte..sort of], working side by side with them is enough for me. for now.

reminds me of the wedding ceremony at my kampung, for my sepupu and her fiancee. hope everything going well there. i'll pray for their happiness under the Grace of Allah.. untill the end of time, insya-Allah.

-side note. will not do any sort of work until tuesday. not even plugged my pc yet. still confused with where to stay. wanzu, hope u can postpone the submission of the Alwan mags no.2. but at the mean time i'll try my best to draw something.. tq.
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