Friday, May 02, 2003

argh.. lack if updates... what am i doin h3r3??
ok.. i'm trying to finish my submission for perghzine 0.02, which deadline is end of May. already inked 3 of the artwerks., but still don't know what the title for it lah! .. gee.. i should make it the other way around.. which is make the title first and then go on with the drawing... aaah what the hell... as long as i finish up the werk.. thats all..

ok the submission will be 1237 x 1762 pixel grayscale jpg. but for this web, i will reduce it to somewhere between 600+ progressive jpg, which i think will make loading faster.

nothing about practical to say much... just sit at the office till end of office hours...uh oh..! tomorrow i'm going to kl, well just meeting some friends and fragging them :). but i feel that i'm the one who is going to be fragged... lack of training and a lot of typing make ur skillz soft.

some links worth to stop by...
Magatokyo - a doujinshi.. hi-qu4lity art
Hypocriticalhero - another doujinshi
Pseudome Studio - a manga wannabe.. worth looking by
Elite dictionary
h@H@h4.. F34R MY L33+ sK1ll5 << translet this.. and put in the shoutbox ..
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