Monday, May 12, 2003

aahh.. home at last...
here's the summary of what goin on in the weekendz
sitting and drawing too much at the office bore me to death. 1st time in my life i really dunno what to do, and every second felt like dayz. then suddenly got a stupid idea, goin to KL to battle out dd in the frozen throne arena. sms him, and got da green lite. so that evening rush to the bus station and off i go to KL. hahaha by that time everything seems to be goin so fast... wonder why?

got really good time bashing [and being bashed..sigh] Dd. frozen throne really changes the gameplay of warcraft 3, at least in beta. got some cheesy tactics using the walker [we called it tauren putih]. since it started etheareal, u cant hit em yet, kumpul kat targe, and changed to physical mode and katok to death, go ethereal again. mmm since Dd dunno how to counter this yet. hahahaha...!
My Battlenet rekod
-Dd's Battlenet record
we quit play the beta war3 in logged to heard some ppl behind us playin on the net too. aaah who cares about em anyway? tonite seems there are few pros or semi pros, we only encountered n00bz till 4 am, the last game.. we underestimated the team, got screwed very bad. fed up of the loss and it seems to take the gaming mood away, we head home and become unconcious by the time our head reached the pillow... kroh kroh kroh..

umm happy mom's day, well, we had breakfast at 1 pm [should we call it lunch?], then we watch the matrix for a moment, got tired [yeah.. the dialogs are in ur headz, since u've watched it for a couple of thousand time already... :)]. Dd turned on his PS2 on our gaming mood suddenly awaken .. grrr...!!

played Virtua Fighter 4 it really lives up to the hype, but since i dont really prefer the fighting systems of VF series, i'd say it has some improvements, and i think the strats are much varied compared to the previous version. just played for 45 minutes.. Dd got bored beating me to pulp .. damn!
now the fun part, Dd loaded the MK: DA, the latest installment of MK series. i dont really put up any hope for Mk series, since got dissappointed with MK 3 and the series following it. it had good concepts, but some stupid stroylines and repetitive features got me bored really fast. but MK:DA is something else.. arghh.. just play it, u'll know why..
Mortal Kombat : Deadly Alliance

ok this game is not for everyone, even if u are an adult. some didnt like it for ti fight systems. but for me, i think it is the best MK series for now. oh yeah.. watch the music video too.. best siot!
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