Wednesday, April 02, 2003

at last! got it connected through ftp. nasib baik la fortunecity bagi lak ikut ftp. kalau nak ikut yg lain ni dah kena bayar dah ni.
anyway, hari ni menarik skit dari smlm, dapat la tengok2 site. see how they make those toll buildings. yeah i know it's boring to stand in the heat of the sun, and staring at those workers and cements and debris at the same time trying to understand what those engineers says. well, if u know what they're talking about, u could find something interesting tho..

after that a little visit to the RSA [rest & service area] at Paya Rambutan [Swamp of Rambutans.. creepy huh?]. it took a while for my ear to withstand those piling sounds, mm got some work at counting the blow times before the pile is set to the ground. interesting, but hard work at harsh environment [no wonder their daily rate is high].

got back at office.. then i realized how tiring a site visit was, but it is better than to sit doing nothing at the office. jot down the log book, and then go back home.. mm another tiring day at the site...
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